7 Incredible Uses of Cotton Swabs

Cotton Swabs
You can always rely on cotton swabs when it comes to cleaning your ears. However, their utility is not restricted to cleaning ears only. You will be surprised to know that cotton swabs can be used in many other unconventional ways:1. Applying Perfume: If you are going out for a party or formal occasion it is imperative that you smell good. It is not a good idea to carry your perfume bottle in your purse. Instead, you can spray some perfume on the tips of a few cotton swabs and seal them in a zip lock bag. Apply the swabs when you need to smell fresh.2. Zip Loosener: A stuck zipper can be really embarrassing. Don’t worry there is an easy remedy. Just apply some olive oil on the tip of the cotton swab and rub it on the zipper teeth to loosen it. Then align the zipper teeth properly.3. Lighting Candle with Short Wicks: Lighting a candle with a short wick can be quite tough. A cotton swab can solve this problem. Just dip the swab in alcohol and ignite it using a lighter. Then place the burning swab on the candle, this will melt some wax and the wick will light up.

4. Keyboard Cleaner: Keyboard keys may get jammed if they are not cleaned properly. Rags and brushes can’t fit into the small gaps and remove dirt. A cotton swab dipped in vinegar and water solution will make your keyboard shine.

5. Washing Machine Screen Cleaner: The filters of your washing machine needs to be cleaned regularly. Small cotton swabs will help to dislodge the dirt from the filters and thus, improve your machine’s cleaning efficiency.

6. Jewellery Cleaner: You must be having an amazing collection of accessories in your trinket box. But have you ever thought jewelry could be cleaned at home? Your jewelry may have tiny contours that can be effectively cleaned by a cotton swab dipped in a cleaning solution.

7. Retouching Makeup: While applying makeup we often forget to pay attention to minute details. Cotton swabs come in handy when you want to retouch your makeup. Just moisten the tip of a cotton swab and use it to even out the makeup.

Similarly, they can be used to remove makeup from your eyes, eyelids, nose and lips.

You can also use cotton swabs to create a collage or a decorative piece like doll’s house for your little angel. So, stock up on your cotton swab reserve!

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