7 Shopping Strategies To Save Serious Cash This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day
Unarguably, one of the most manufactured and commercialised ‘holiday’ of all time is Valentine’s Day. But what if we tell you that we have some smart tricks up our sleeve to help you save some serious cash this Valentine’s day? Too good to be true? Not really, because we really do. Read on…1. Buying flowers at a competitive price. Avoid the road-side flowerwala. He is probably selling second-category of dried-out flowers. Also, totally avoid buying online as they might be refrigerated since days; instead buy from grocery and warehouse stores. Not only you will probably get the tightest bud, you will get the same flowers at a whole sale price.2. Opt for an at-home dinner. Have dinner at home is the #1 saving tip anybody could ever think of. Slowly move from the table to a cozy sport in your home and let your sparks flow on V-day. In the end, flirt with dessert and seal the deal sweetly!

3. Remember your old times and re-enact your first date. This would make for an ideal date; something, which we are sure won’t be too extravagant to have and is a heart-melting gesture to say the least.

4. Make a penniless treasure hunt for your beloved. Initiate the treasure hunt game by mailing them the first clue, followed by clues all over the car, house, backyard and his or her office desk. End it by making it a memorable experience and having a romantic barbecue party on your terrace.

5. Mail a hand-written love letter to your sweetheart’s work desk. Or better still, send your other half a sexy email message.

6. Go DIY and prepare a bunch of cute little hearts out of construction paper. Leave a kiss on each of the hearts and hide them all over your house, for your honey to enjoy receiving hearts all month long.

7. Sell your clutter on eBay. Right from the clothes you haven’t worn since a long time to the jewellery that is all trash now, sell it all on eBay to earn a few extra cash for your V-day gift purchase.

In the end, what’s better than celebrating Valentine’s Day right after Valentine’s Day—a strategy that is sure to help you save some serious cash by keeping your romance ignited forever!

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