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Program your own self-driving racer with FormulaPi

giphy-1-1 Self-driving race cars are a few years away but why not simulate the roar of robotic Formula 1 cars with a little Raspberry Pi magic? The folks at Piborg are offering the opportunity for hackers and makers to try and drive their own autonomous car brain in a centralized race. They’ve launched a Kickstarter and they’re looking for folks to download the autonomous racing code, modify… Read More

See you tonight in Chicago

City of Chicago. Aerial view of Chicago downtown at sunset from high above. See you tonight! We’ll be meeting at 7pm in the MakeOffices space in the Loop. There will be some free beers and chicken sandwiches. We’ll hold a pitchoff at 8pm and close up at 9pm and perhaps we can go carousing afterwards. The pitch-off will be very cool. I’ve already picked nine contestants and we have two VC judges. First place winners of the pitch off will get a table… Read More

Update on the Chicago Mini-Meetup: We have a space!

Chicago_Tribune We’ve found a location for our mini-meetup tomorrow! We’ll be meeting at 7pm in the MakeOffices space in the Loop. There will be some free beers and maybe we can get some pizzas in or something. We’ll hold a pitchoff at 8pm and close up at 9pm and perhaps we can go carousing afterwards. I’ll be picking the pitch-off companies tomorrow morning at 8am so be prepared. I… Read More

The giant’s fall

maxresdefault One of the saddest scenes in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is watching the slow-moving Ents – the massive tree shepherds that took days to decide whether or not to react Sauron’s onslaught – are cut down by the wily Orcs. Only a few fall in the battle but when they do the giants of the forests that at first seemed so powerful are exposed to be easily vanquished. They won… Read More

Let’s meet in Chicago for a mini-meetup

chicago I’ll be in Chicago this week and I’d love to meet some startups. I’m thinking about holding a micro-mini-meetup on Tuesday, July 26 at a location to be determined. Here’s what I need from you all: Email or tweet me with recommendations where we can meet. I like to just hang out in bars but I could do a co-working space. I know there are a few in town but I’ve… Read More

100% Fun

shutterstock_393282955 If 2016 taught us anything it’s that the Internet isn’t fun anymore. It’s not that a soulless network of computers interconnected via TCP/IP was ever supposed to be fun. It’s that eventually fun overlaid itself on that network and created a world where nearly everyone could interact without fear. Kids grew up in a world where it was easier to talk to someone in… Read More

Print your own triple-axis tourbillon (trust me, it’ll be cool)

812749e1a307f38fd0a88b54bea55ff2_preview_featured In the world of horology there are few things fancier than the tourbillion and there are few things extra fancier than a triple-axis model. Originally invented by Abraham Louis Breguet, the tourbillion was a modification designed to ensure that a watch would keep good time in any number of positions – in a pocket, on a desk, or jostling around in a bag. It does this by spinning… Read More

For my daughter

 My daughter is almost eight. She likes princesses and Harry Potter and doll houses and making videos to Taylor Swift songs and she has a few very clear influences and/or heroes. Mal from the Descendents. Hermione. My wife. Me. Her great grandmoth... [...]

New technique lets you fold flat metal or plastic into a 3D shape

120006_web A computational design tool created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology lets you fold a piece of metal or plastic into a “complex 3D shape” like a mask or even a shoe. “We’re taking a flat piece of material and giving it the tendency, or even the desire, to bend into a certain 3-D shape,” said Keenan Crane, part of… Read More