You can’t kill email

 New technology is emerging at ever-increasing speeds, transforming how we communicate, collaborate and manage our day-to-day responsibilities. As soon as we get a strong grasp on the latest workplace technology, an even newer solution surfaces. R... [...]

Dropbox says it is cash flow positive, in no rush to IPO

panzarino drew houston dropbox 8 With a $10 billion valuation, cloud storage business Dropbox is larger than many public companies. But don’t expect an IPO anytime soon, according to CEO Drew Houston. “Nothing right now,” said Houston, when asked if the company was working on a plan to go public. Speaking at Bloomberg’s Technology Conference in San Francisco, Houston said that Dropbox is… Read More

Tech startups: Time for a reality check?

startupHas the moment of reckoning arrived for Indian internet companies? As India’s e-commerce poster boy Flipkart suffered its fifth markdown this week, this was the question that was on everyone’s lips. Around $5.8 billion has been shaved off its mid-2015 value of $15.2 billion when it last raised funds. A long overdue reality check seems [...] [...]