Everything you need to know about Apple’s blowout third quarter

tim cook Apple’s third quarter results came out today. They’re pretty good! Or, at least, not bad — and good enough to keep investors happy. Very happy, actually: the stock jumped more than 7%, recovering pretty much all of the value it lost when it reported a complete whiff of a second quarter. It’s no monster crash or jump like Twitter regularly experiences, but 7% is enough… Read More

Apple beats earnings expectations by a mile, and its stock is soaring

tim cook Apple needed a breakout quarter after its last whiff, and boy did it get one. The company reported revenue of $42.4 billion and earnings of $1.42 per share. Analysts were expecting earnings of $1.38 per share on revenue of $42.09 billion. As a result the company added tens of billions of value back to its share price, which rose 5% in extended trading. (5% might not feel like a lot, but for… Read More

OpenStack will soon be able to run in containers on top of Kubernetes

Aerial view of container terminal OpenStack, the open source project that allows enterprises to run an AWS-like cloud computing service in their own data centers, added support for containers over the course of its last few releases. Running OpenStack itself on top of containers is a different problem, though. Even though CoreOS has done some work on running OpenStack in containers thanks to its oddly named… Read More

The giant’s fall

maxresdefault One of the saddest scenes in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is watching the slow-moving Ents – the massive tree shepherds that took days to decide whether or not to react Sauron’s onslaught – are cut down by the wily Orcs. Only a few fall in the battle but when they do the giants of the forests that at first seemed so powerful are exposed to be easily vanquished. They won… Read More

Verizon inks deal to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 bn

handshaking4US-based telecoms giant Verizon Communications Inc. has agreed to acquire Yahoo! Inc.’s operating business for about $4.83 billion in cash, the two companies announced on Monday. The sale does not include Marissa Mayer-led Yahoo’s cash, its shares in Alibaba Group Holdings, its shares in Yahoo Japan and certain other assets. To be updated… Like this […] [...]

Mobile marketing startup Skrilo gets $1.5 mn in seed funding

Manish Sinha, founder and CEO, SkriloGurgaon-based Skrilo India Pvt. Ltd, which operates a mobile marketing and rewards platform, has raised $1.5 million (Rs 10 crore) in seed funding from individual investors including Livspace co-founder Anuj Srivastava and AT Capital Group founder Arvind Tiku. The company will use the funds mainly for marketing its reward programme and building its product pipeline, […] [...]