Internet Shopping Hacks: Here’s How to Shop Online Like a Pro!

Internet Shopping Hacks
Ask any avid online shopper, and he or she is bound to confess that the thrill and charm of online shopping is unmatched. While seasoned online shoppers are loading their cart like there’s no tomorrow, it is the beginners who seem to always find the right size or the best price.Today, we have some internet shopping hacks that are guaranteed to make you a professional shopper, all within a few mouse clicks.

1. Hunt for that extra discount by signing for newsletters
An ideal way to stock up on basics, never forget to sign for the website’s newsletter in order to bag an extra 10 to 20% off.

2. Consolidate your deal mails in your inbox.
Signing on for a host of websites also means cluttering your mail box with tons of mails on a daily basis. We suggest get yourself rolled on and unsubscribe in a jiffy from any unwanted mails and let the remaining (read wanted) mails come together in a single mail, which will arrive at a time whenever you want it to. More power to streamlined shopping!

3. Install third-party handy apps on your smartphone.
Do keep a tab on third-party handy widgets, such as Keep, that gives you alerts when items from your shopping list are on a sale. It is as simple as using the Pinterest widget, only it’s a lot more specific, allowing you to feed in your exact size and colour preference.

4. Compare products across a range of different websites.
Always think before making a big purchase from a single website, and compare it with its peers to give you an estimate of how true the flash sales and limited period discount products really are. Download PriceBlink, an add-on browser that compares prices of the product you want to buy within seconds and even lets you know in case there are coupons you could take advantage of.

5. Keep a track on sales for the items you really want
Bid farewell to scrolling through the sales sections of tons of shopping websites and get yourself enrolled into ShopItToMe – a website that’ll track sales for specific brands, styles and sizes.

There you have it; our five tips that will help you shop like a pro.

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