Make everyday Valentine’s Day – 8 daily rituals

Valentine’s Day
Don’t think that this gets you off the hook for Valentine’s Day next year or your wedding anniversary this year. This is all about sharing warmth and love throughout the year. Here are 8 simple things you can do each day to make your loved one feel special:1)Love notes (1 minute)
Whether it’s a one liner or a long proclamation, leave love notes for your special someone everyday. We write so much on social media and emails everyday. It takes less than 1 minute to write a post it note with a doodle and leave it in an unexpected place. Fill it up in a jar if you want for the next 365 days.

2)Romantic music (3 minutes)
Start your day together with 1 love song each day. Isn’t it romantic? It’ll keep the mood going. Dance together if you can. If you’re really short of time, how about sharing a shower together to this romantic song? After all we operate in the age of multi-tasking.

3)Little surprises (10 minutes)
Do a chore unexpectedly. Bring home some interesting treats to eat. Buy a surprise gift or flowers. Do something little but unexpected each day. If you’re having a particularly rough day, at least pay your special one an unexpected compliment. This goes a long way in maintaining the Valentine’s Day spirit.

4)Sharing at least one meal (20 minutes)
We know it might be difficult but at least try? Pick a meal and share it together. If you live in different cities, make the most of technology. A quick daily coffee date on Skype or Face Time is so undeniably romantic!

5)One activity together (10 minutes)
Try to squeeze out 5-10 minutes to do at least one activity together everyday even if it’s a mundane task like folding the clothes or a post dinner night walk. If it’s an unexceptionally busy day, I’m sure you can find time to stare at the stars (or the clouds) as you fall asleep? And no, this doesn’t include watching TV.

6)Technology black out (15 minutes)
This is a self explanatory and non-negotiable item. You have to engineer this into your schedule with each other.

7)A relationship app (10 minutes)
We find time for so many social networks. Why not steal time from that and invest it in a relationship app? It is a fun, often free and private way of keeping in touch with your special one.

8) Express your affection (Ahem!)

It’s the key to any long-term relationship. There are a million simple ways to do it -holding hands, a simple hug – there’s no underestimating the power of the human touch.

This list will take you approximately 80 minutes each day. That’s 1 hour and 20 minutes. We think you can pull this off!

The article has been written by Vasundhara S.

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