Make Humor Your Best Friend To Be A Better Boyfriend

Thanks to all the romantic movies, serials and novels that we girls have in our lives, poor boys have to do so much to please us. However, they get in return someone who loves every little detail about them, so we say that it’s a fair deal.

There are many qualities that make you a good partner, but here in, we focus on the one quality that you should never forget to remember; that quality is an amazing sense of humor.

Trust me when I say that nothing pleases a woman more than a good-humored guy. You yourself would have experienced that when one of your out-of-the-blue comments would have sent her to splits.

Just imagine if you get to do that daily, and that too more than once.

Here is how you can develop a good sense of humor. Whenever you can, take the liberty of looking at things through a funny point of view. We don’t mean that you have to be a joker, but giving circumstances a funny twist with a tinge of creative independence would actually help you be better at humor.

Also, by sense of humor we don’t only mean sarcasm. You need to be good with words too, and able to take some teasing, because we just love to do that to our men. Be liberal enough to let her tease you, and join her time to time. You won’t believe how quickly her love for you would strengthen.

Happy humor!

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