A Eulogy For Dead Standalone Apps

 Session lengths started to be counted not in hours or even minutes, but in seconds. Software had to blend into our life, augmenting it rather than supplanting it. Speed and simplicity became the keys to success. And it all came down to nailing so... [...]

These Are Apple’s Top 25 Favorite iOS Apps Of The Year

0 2015 It’s December, and that means a few things: – We’re all going to be pretty tired of Christmas music pretty soon – We’ve yet again managed to complete a trip around the sun without crashing into it. Go team! – It’s time for a massive rush end-of-year favorite lists. Speaking of which… As they do each year, Apple has just dropped its hand picked… Read More

Augmented Reality Company Magic Leap Raising $827 Million

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.38.14 AM According to a report by Forbes, the under-the-radar but much discussed startup is raising a $827 million C round of funding. Magic Leap’s product seems to be a cross between Microsoft HoloLens and the Oculus Rift, shown here in this demo from October: However, it was this demo back in March that got people pretty stoked about the company: This brings Magic Leap’s funding to… Read More