Glassbreakers Is Launching Enterprise Software For Diversity

Glassbreakers co-founders Eileen Carey and Lauren Mosenthal Glassbreakers, the mentorship platform for women, is getting into the enterprise software business, after recently doing trial runs with Box and Pinterest. Next year, Glassbreakers will officially launch an enterprise solution for diversity to companies with over 10,000 employees. The Glassbreakers enterprise software will offer mentorship for women, a content channel… Read More

The Flat Gray Home Screen

A clean home screen is a happy home screen. This design keeps your phone organized with big, clear widgets with all the basic info you need.This home screen is designed for custom launchers like Nova and Apex. Here's what you'll need:Nova, Apex, or ano... [...]

Ubers Are About To Start Carrying Their Own In-Car Magazine

ArrivingNow_Blog Starting this week in NYC, you can grab a copy of Uber’s new in-car magazine, called “Arriving Now,” from the seat back pockets. A new print publication isn’t exactly a revolutionary move, airlines have been rocking inflight magazines for awhile, but Uber has an interesting opportunity here to test out delving into content. Uber detailed what the magazine would… Read More

NASA Created A Material That Can Heal Itself In Less Than A Second From Hurtling Space Debris

launch Scientists at NASA’s Langley Research Center are studying new materials that can self-heal in seconds under extreme temperatures and from flying space junk. The research is a combination of work from a student on fellowship at NASA from the University of Michigan and nearly a decade and a half of study on self-healing materials for both aircrafts and spacecrafts. NASA scientists said… Read More