HandUp, A Startup Combatting Homelessness, Is Setting An Example For The Tech Industry

IMG_5600 On the heels of launching donation gift cards for the homeless, HandUp hosted a community outreach day this past Friday in San Francisco to continue to bring awareness to homelessness, as well as give people a way to engage with the homeless community. In partnership with Project Homeless Connect, HandUp hosted a homeless outreach day, featuring San Francisco city officials, employees… Read More

Drones + X

Solo_Social_3 Small drones are advancing quickly. They used to be little else but sophisticated remote-controlled toys and people love to complain when we call them ‘drones’ because that implies that they are at least semi-autonomous (and maybe able to bomb a terrorist (and a few innocent bystanders)). But what’s happening now is that the technology is catching up with the term. Drones… Read More

Tech’s Role In Fighting Wildfires

forest fire “Burn rates” are perennially on the minds of Silicon Valley VCs and entrepreneurs, but what about the very real burn rates that ravish the surrounding California countryside, as well as other areas each year? Currently there are five states that are each battling more than 10 major wildfires, with seven million acres burned so far. Big data is already being used to understand… Read More

Five Best Label Makers

A good label maker can be portable and hand-held, attached to your computer via USB, or somewhere in between, but it needs to print good labels that are readable and last, whether they're in a filing cabinet, your pantry, or your freezer. This week we'... [...]

WatchOS 2 And The Future Of Apps

32 watchOS 2 With flashier announcements at this year’s WWDC, such as Apple Music or more hardcore developer news on the iOS 9 front, it’s easy to lose sight of a real game changer: watchOS 2, which is slated for release September 16. Would it be crazy to think this new OS could really make that big of an impact? Read More