How Venture Capital Incentives Promote Zombie Companies

zombie-companies It feels like every other day: Another company raises a massive round of funding. We tend to assume that a company that’s raising money must be doing well. However, the truth is that venture capital funds’ incentives drive them to fund companies that should have folded long ago. These “zombie companies” are money pits, ultimately shrinking the returns of entire funds… Read More

The Shelf Home Screen

Despite the wide array of apps you can get on your phone, you probably only use a few. This design puts the few apps you use most on a slick-looking home screen with few distractions.This home screen is designed for Themer. To get this look on your dev... [...], One Of The World’s Biggest Stores, Gets A Redesign

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.07.52 PM A redesign of that went live today removed the standalone ‘Store’ tab, and the ‘’ domain entirely. This is an enormous change for one of the biggest online retail stores in the world. The buying experience is now woven into the the site as a whole, with purchasing buttons and options for products available on every product page. Instead of… Read More

Taking The Mystery Out Of SDKs With Open Source

Doors light Mobile SDKs are, for most publishers, a necessary evil. Whether you’re trying to integrate analytics, cross-promotion, tracking, monetization or payments, your first step is most often to inject a third-party SDK into your codebase. This much-maligned piece of software drives developers, operations and marketers alike up the wall. Are SDKs quite the dirty word, though? Read More