Remaining Yahoo to rebrand after sale of assets to Verizon in 2017

shutterstock yahoo One asset that Verizon will be getting as part of its $4.83 billion acquisition of Yahoo’s core assets, which it did not specifically mention in its big announcement today, is Yahoo’s (in)famous brand — main name, purple color and exclamation mark all included. This, in turn, means that when the deal is completed (expected Q1 2017) the remaining Yahoo will rename itself… Read More

Pokemon Go to get more Pokemon, trading, and customizable PokeStops

ANKARA, TURKEY - JULY 13 :  A Pokemon Go user plays Pokemon GO game in Ankara, Turkey on July 13, 2016.  (Photo by Erçin Top/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) Pokemon players will eventually be able to fill out their collections via trades, which is very good news for people eyeing region-specific Pokemon like Australia’s Kangaskhan from the other side of the world. Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed at a San Diego Comic Con panel that Niantic is indeed working on adding trading (and new training features) to their game, as well as… Read More

Verizon inks deal to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 bn

handshaking4US-based telecoms giant Verizon Communications Inc. has agreed to acquire Yahoo! Inc.’s operating business for about $4.83 billion in cash, the two companies announced on Monday. The sale does not include Marissa Mayer-led Yahoo’s cash, its shares in Alibaba Group Holdings, its shares in Yahoo Japan and certain other assets. To be updated… Like this […] [...]

MoreUnited.UK will use tech to shake-up UK politics — and stop extremists

Convenors-Group Crowd-funding is almost an old-fashioned concept in the tech world these days, but it’s still having a relatively new and significant impact in the world of politics. A brand new initiative is now taking the UK by storm and plans to use tech to shake up the UK’s political system in the wake of the chaos of the Brexit vote. Kicked-off by former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown,… Read More

5 Hacks to Deal With Criticism Effectively

No one likes criticism but unfortunately everyone has to deal with it at some point of time in their lives. People will judge you on the basis of your work and conduct, whether it's your home or office. And you have to deal with it patiently as some ha... [...]