Yuck It Up, Humanity, Because VR Is Going To Make Things Really Weird

yqgEf4E The Internetogencia was all in a tizzy this week as it commented upon a cover photo from Time magazine extolling the simple joys of VR. The cover, if you haven’t seen it, features the disheveled founder of Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey, who looked like a jolly baby as he bumbled around a virtual seashore. In short, it was WhiteGuysWearin’OculusRifts on the cover of a major news… Read More

Drifter Is A Waterproof Speaker That Lets You Leave Your Smartphone Behind

drifter While a waterproof, buoyant speaker seems like a viable option for boaters, fishers, and generally wet sport enthusiasts, most of them are powered by Bluetooth, meaning that a very delicate and usually non-waterproof smartphone needs to be within close proximity. But the folks at Freedom Audio (formerly FreshETech) don’t believe that should be the case, and so they built the Drifter.… Read More

How to Log Out from the Windows 10 Start Menu

This is an incredibly elementary "tip", but it's been driving me crazy all week. If you click the "Power" option in the Windows 10 Start menu, you get the option to Sleep, Shut Down, or Restart. But where the heck is the Log Off button?This has been dr... [...]