Chaotic Moon Is Building A Fitness Tracker For Wheelchairs

chaotic moon freewheel Here’s a different kind of fitness tracker — Freewheel, a prototype developed by Chaotic Moon Studios. The Austin-based design and development studio was in the news recently because of its acquisition by Accenture. Freewheel was created by Chaotic Moon’s BASE innovation lab, but the idea came from one of the studio’s content strategists, Tyler Hively, who uses a… Read More

Auro Robotics (YC S15) Is Testing A Driverless Shuttle System On College Campuses

auro robotics College students may soon be taking autonomous shuttles from class to class and wherever else they need to go on campus. YC-backed Auro Robotics is currently testing their driverless shuttle system at several universities, and is actually beginning to deploy shuttles on the campus of Santa Clara University. The company is also planning to expand to other markets like amusement parks… Read More

The Dark Social Home Screen

When it comes to single-page home screens, you want something that looks good and gives you all the information you might need at once. This home screen manages to do both in a slick design.To get this design on your home screen, here's what you'll nee... [...]

Reddit Responds After Being Threatened, Banned And Unbanned By The Russian Government

reddit Reddit has had a pretty bizarre last few days in Russia. The entire site was blacklisted and banned yesterday for a number of users in Russia following a clear threat made by Russia’s FCC, the Roskomnadzor, to remove a thread about growing psychedelic mushrooms that had been posted on the site. Roskomnadzor’s post on Vkontakte (basically the Russian Facebook) read: Those… Read More