This Valentine’s, Surprise Your Partner Like Never Before

Surprises are a necessity in any relation, and when it comes to your special someone, they work wonders. Talking about Valentine’s Day, which itself is the day of love, some little surprises here and there can strengthen young relations and revive old ones.Here is a list of things that you can do to surprise your loved one on this Valentine’s Day.

1. Love Notes
You can give them all at once, or leave them at different places for them to find. Just remember to be very crisp, it’s not a love letter that you are writing.

2. Love Letters
Talking of love letters, why not? It would make for a nice surprise even so because in this day and age, nobody writes a love letter. While your loved one can expect a dedicated Facebook status, a love letter has its own charm, don’t you think?

3. Cook For Her
If you are heads over heels in love with your girl, learn to make her favourite dish and serve it to her while she is still in bed. No cheating here though! She would know if you would order the dish from somewhere else.

4. Love Shapes
Look for different things in the shape of hearts and hide them at different places, like in their cupboard, their car, their lunch box or their socks. The smile would be genuine and long-lasting.

5. Tattoo
If you dare, and know that your partner would approve it, get his or her name tattooed over your body. No one would ever be able to forget this one surprise. Be very clear about your relationship first though; the laser surgery for removing a tattoo is far more painful than getting one.

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