The Worst Valentine Gifts You Can Think Of

Worst Valentine Gifts
According to some, Valentine’s Day is the best day to express your feelings with a rose, a card, a night-out, a date or a kiss. However, with the commercialisation, we have started seeing more and more ‘expensive’ and ‘personalised’ gifts being exchanged amongst couples, some of which should not be given to anyone, let alone your loved one.Given below is a list of worst Valentine’s Day gifts that we think you should avoid this Valentine’s Day.

1. A card is good, but without anything hand-written, you are just proving that you didn’t have enough time or you didn’t care enough. Also, we don’t mean that you write your name at the end; by something, we mean a line or two about your love.

2. Flowers are good, but without something to go by, it just doesn’t say anything does it? If nothing, go conventional and compliment your flowers with a chocolate at least.

3. Some people go to the length of buying pets as gifts for their loved one. While it’s very thoughtful if you know that your partner is an animal-lover, you need to be very sure that your partner won’t freak out at the mere sight of a bow over something that moves.

4. A perfume just states that you think that your partner needs to smell better. Give a perfume only when you know the brand they use, and that their bottle is going to be empty in a few days.

5. The worst of the worst gift you can give someone is ‘nothing’. Even if you don’t believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, but know that your partner does, just give it a thought and buy something. Nothing would make your partner happier than to know that you value their feelings more than your beliefs.

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