Rules Of Attraction That Make You Likeable, Other Than Physical Appearance

Undoubtedly, physical appearance is the first thing that makes anyone walks up to a stranger. Good looks have got a magnetic power to attract onlookers at the very first sight. You may disagree and pose yourself as an ethical person who has parameters other than good looks to judge people. But, if recent studies are to be believed, by no means can a person form a very good opinion about someone who does not please his eyes.

The bigger question is what counts in physical appearance? Is it only about the color of the skin, hair or eyes? Or do other qualities like confidence, grace, uniqueness also find a place in the list?

To find answers to the above queries, we have compiled a list of some fascinating qualities apart from your physical appearance, which can make you instantly likable above others at the very first sight. Looks can be deceptive, but if you possess these qualities, you will stand a better chance at striking a chord with just anyone, anywhere. (View slideshow)

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